Happy, happy friday! We're so happy to welcome the weekend. After Alt last week, this week has been work, work, work for me and I am so happy that is coming to an end! In between working, we have taken many breaks outside, playing in the sprinklers, blowing bubbles and eating large amounts of watermelon. And I am sure that will continue for the majority of the summer! This kid could eat his weight in watermelon. We have been trying out some new recipes around here too. Last night we made coconut flour fried chicken with baked sweet potato fries. It was so so good. Almost makes me with this was a food blog so I could share the recipe. Almost! If you are interested, feel free to email me. I love everything about summer and we are trying to take full advantage of all of those reasons! Are you enjoying your summer? Or are you already ready to be done with the heat? I say, bring it on nature. I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend! We will be back next week with some projects including one for the 4th of July. You can hardly wait, I know. Until then, happy weekend!

Favorite links this week:

Lego ghosts! I need them.

These look like a lot of fun!

Most colorful popsicles, ever. 

I wish this was real!

When life gives you lemons...

We're buying these and I think you should too.

Wallpaper I can get behind.

In love with this space.