I am so ready for the weekend! The next few days are going to be pretty normal. Nothing too exciting going on. Which sounds perfect after a hectic week. Preston and I are planning a date at home and we will probably hit up a park or a splash pad sometime this weekend too. With weather like this, it would be a crime not to! The other day, Elliott got this bubble maker that blows out bubbles really fast and we have been having a blast playing with it! Shooting them at each other, making them stick to our arms, heads and torsos. It reminds me of that bubble lady on Ghost Busters. Yikes! On that note, have a grand weekend. May it be filled with ice cream, sunshine and fun. Always lots of fun. Happy weekend!

Now for the links:

Does every dad love chocolate chip cookies? This recipe looks amazing.

The coolest, nerdy party ever.

A new (and tastier) meaning to fruit cake!

I think I need to make one for Elliott.

Cutest clothes rack you ever did see.

Kids need glasses too! Make them good ones.

I'm dying over this little purse for kids. It's perfect.

Did you hear about Amy Poehler's new book? I can't wait.

These are on my "popsicles I must make" list.