Of course there has to be one for Elliott! Most of these are needs (i.e. jeans, hoodie and socks). The horse toy is beautiful! I wish I had seen it sooner. Maybe for his birthday. And the shoes, well, they're super stylin' and his favorite color. Can't go wrong there! The tree tops are gorgeous and would make a great stocking stuffer. I actually got a few of these for Elliott and his cousins (and me) to play with. 


Part two of the gift guide is for your man. Specifically, my man. A few things he needs, and a few wants. The charger may seem like a "want" but it's absolutely a "need". And I can't say enough great things about Keep shoes. So comfy and so hip. Hope this gives you some gift ideas for the man in your life!


It's time for this year's gift guide! The holiday gift guide is a series of posts focusing on individuals of my (and possibly your) family. To kick it off, I wanted to start with the little lady (my niece.) The doll house is killing me! I would gift it with some awesome fabrics to make curtains and bedspreads with. The bilibo is nothing new, but the silver is! It's a limited edition and I am so tempted.

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Gift Guide: A Good Friend, New Momma and One of the Kindest People You Know

This one would actually be great for a few people I know. A few things to help that friend transition into motherhood and feel more beautiful than ever. I read somewhere that the best gift to give a woman who just had a baby was chocolate covered strawberries. But I think most women would be thrilled to receive them!