for the new place

I told Preston as soon as we are settled in our new place, we have to make DIY art to hang. Preston is pretty talented so hopefully this will get him in the creative mood and he'll finally get around to making the one thing I ask for at every gift-giving holiday...a family portrait! Wouldn't that be rad?

p.s. How adorable is little Moses reclining on that gorgeous couch?

Guest Post: Ez's DIY Party Picks

Friends, I am elated to introduce one of my favorite bloggers, Ez from Creature Comforts. I am always excited to see what Ez rounds up for inspiration and today is no different. Enjoy!
Hi everyone! My name is Ez (sounds like breezy), and I'm most regularly found over on my blog Creature Comforts where I write about the things that inspire me, as well as some of my own creative endeavors. I'm thrilled that Kersey invited me to share a post with you all today, and I ended up deciding on this little collection of 5 DIY Party Ideas from Pinterest. I hope you'll enjoy them and maybe even use one or two in the next party you create! If you're interested you can find all of my pinterest favorites here and more curated pinterest collections over on my blog.

Party Picks:
1. Newspaper Wraps Party Favors by Frolic for Project Wedding (via Kendra)
2. DIY Paper Party Garland by Anastasia Marie Blog (via Stephanie)
3. Sailboat Party Invites by Diaper Style Memoirs (via Inessa)
4. Kraft Paper Seating Assignment, arranged by Duet Weddings, photographed by Jose Villa, seen on Design*Sponge (via glotalot)
5. Cupcakes in a Jar from Glorious Treats (via Shelya)

diy shapes game

I have been wanting to make some of these for a while and am so glad I finally got around to it. I chose three main colors and used white to draw/paint the shapes. I left some of the sides blank, mostly because I couldn't think of anything else to paint. But I like it! He hasn't quite got the hang of it, but he loves the colors and he loves stacking them up and then letting me do the matching for him. Typical man, right?

diy mother's day vase

These vases are seriously so pretty, fun and so easy. They'll make the perfect mother's day present paired with a lovely bunch of your mother's favorite flowers! I love the half glass half color look. I may or may not be giving my mom the purple square vase (wink).

Here's what you'll need:
1. Clear glass. I got all of mine at a thrift store. The most expensive one was $1.50
2. Enamel paint. Get a few colors you love and more importantly your mother will LOVE!
3. An oven.

Here's what you do:
1. Clean glass really well and dry thoroughly.
2. Squirt paint color of choice into selected glass. Start with a little. Don't over do it!
3. Carefully swirl and bang the container until you like the way it looks on the outside. This step reminds me of smacking the side of a glass Heinz 57 bottle. Take your time and make sure you don't over do it, getting paint in places you don't want them.
4. Let it dry. Wait 2-3 days or so.
5. Bake it! This step is very important. When you bake enamel paint on glass after following the directions on the label, the paint adheres to the glass making it easy to wash after use. Probably best to hand wash. I don't know though, I haven't had a dishwasher in years :)

After the item is cooled, you're set to go! Enjoy your new vase + the pretty flowers that will accompany it!

improv egg party

It's been over a week since Easter, but some of you may still have some left over eggs. If you have too many, here's one of my favorite ways to get rid of them. Make deviled eggs as well as some other  snacks and have some friends over for a little improv par-tay! It'll get rid of your eggs before they go bad + give you an excuse to have a little celebration. "Happy...Wednesday!"

You can buy all of the above here:
{glitter banner}
{egg caddy}

OR, if you are a DIY-er, all three of these are pretty easy to make:

1. Egg caddy - buy plain white egg caddy here. Get some enamel paint, paint, bake (according to paint instructions) and you have a custom egg caddy!

2. Glitter Banner - Ez did a great DIY for this here.

3. Confetti Garland - Get various sized circle paper punchers from craft store, some colorful paper, and simply run them through your sewing machine. Seriously so easy and amazingly satisfying :)

Happy partying/creating friends!

the perfect horse shirt

So, Elliott loves horses. I mean, it's crazy how excited/obsessed he gets about them. I've wanted to get him a simple horse shirt (not cutesy - but realistic.) for a while now. So after searching and searching I finally realized something. Thanks to Liz, I decided I had to make it! I had heard about freezer paper shirts before, but never tried it. Until now. I found a great horse silhouette, printed it out, cut the image out with an exact-o knife, painted and BAM! The perfect horse shirt. He loves it!

 An attempt to point and say "horsey!"
See? SO excited!
Why, yes. I am an exact-o knife expert to have done the detailing of this horse. Thank you for noticing! I made 3 more as Easter presents for Elliott and his two cousins. Here is where I copied Liz. Straight up.
I love the metallic paint! Freezer paper has opened up a whole new world of crafts for me. I promise the blog won't become "look what I made today with freezer paper!" Have you tried this? I'd love to see what you came up with!