I decided to do a two-for-one DIY this week since last week I went a little MIA. But you forgive me, right? These party blowers and garland are so easy to make and a lot of fun for little ones. Elliott loved trying out all of the different shapes. He calls the heart the "love you shape", even though he knows its called a heart. That cutie. All you need to make these are some card stock, shape paper punchers and a 1/2 inch hole punch. Oh yeah, and some party blowers. Just punch out the shapes, punch out the hole with the 1/2 inch punch and stick them in. They're that easy! Of course you can do any colors you would like and any shapes you fancy. You can also just cut out the shapes if you don't have shaped paper punches. 
For the garland, pick a shape - or all of them - and punch out the shapes. Grab some twine and some tape and put it together. Again, it's that easy. 
Then just hang the garland, and get to partying! 


I wanted a simple, fun and if possible a little artsy looking tablecloth and was having a hard time finding one that didn't cost a month's rent. So I made one! I am tempted now to make a couple of them in different colors. They would be the perfect tablecloth to have on hand for a party. I love the messy stripes. Don't ask me why (Preston already tried) I just do! You can see the full tutorial - like 3 steps - over here on Momtastic


Last weekend was my nephew's birthday party and that boy is all about science. Mostly the human anatomy, but he'll take space too. For his piñata he asked me if he could have a Jupiter one. So this is what I came up with! I knew it would have to be detailed and accurate (science kid, remember?) so recreating Jupiter strictly from crepe paper was out of the question. And I thought since I was at it, I may as well make a moon one. Because, who doesn't love the moon? 
I found the best images I could and printed them out. The Jupiter images had to be printed out at a local print shop since I wanted them larger.
 Next, cut out the images with some scissors. It's mind blowing, I know.
For the cardboard, I used a tri-fold display board. You know those ones you used for your fourth grade science fair? That one. I took my handy spray adhesive and glued the images onto the cardboard.
The next part is slightly tricky. I used scissors as much as I could, but had to resort to wielding the exacto knife. Very, very carefully. But it was totally worth it.
Next I cut off a three inch strip of the cardboard and bent it around and hot glued it onto one of the circles. This is easy, but takes a little time since you want to make sure the glue is dried before letting go.
You will want to attach a string or wire or what-have-you to hang this lovely from when it's finished. I poked holes through the three inch cardboard and threaded some twine through. Now, fill the almost piñata with all of your treats and goodies and glue on the second image! 
Now to make it a real piñata. Fringe! I used tissue paper because I was all out of black crepe paper. And it had to be black because this is space after all. I cut three inch strips - enough to cover the three inch strip of cardboard - and fringed it with some scissors. 
Then, row by row, glue it on! I glued down some tissue paper before I added the fringe. Just so none of that unrealistic pesky white cardboard would peek through.
Voila! Not so hard and perfect for a science loving birthday boy.
In case you're wondering why these children have no clothes, it was a swim party. Very eclectic.


I made these fun little straw toppers for Kelly over on Studio DIY while she is off traveling. They were super easy and a lot of fun to make and they are perfect for summer partying! Great for keeping track of your drink. It's actually a free download and a DIY. Lucky you! For the full tutorial, head over to Studio DIY and check it out!


A couple of fun party hats for you party animals out there. This is a really simple way to make your own party hats exactly as you want them to make your party that much better. They're perfect as a craft for the kids to do at the party too. It took a few days for Elliott to stop begging me to wear the "E" hat. Can't believe I didn't get a picture of that! Bad mom. If you are interested, you can see the full tutorial over here on Momtastic. Happy partying! 


Everyone loves confetti. Especially confetti that doesn't get everywhere. And everyone loves an easy DIY. Here is a super easy DIY that will dress up your cups for your next party. I think we might use these for Father's day. If I can keep myself from using them till then! But they really would be awesome for any get together you have.
First, start off making some perfect confetti. Remember how to do that? Well, just in case you don't check it out here. Pick tissue paper in some rad colors.
Grab some mod podge and a paint brush and paint little mod podge circles where you want the confetti to go. Try not to make the circles bigger than the confetti or you will end up with residue and no one likes residue. Stick your tissue paper confetti on the painted circles and you're done! Happy confetti-ing!


And now, the oscars party recap! Our guests blew us away this year with their creative and thoughtful desserts. We had asked them to bring a dessert related in some way to one of the films up for best picture. Here is what they came up with! Aubry made two desserts. One was a fantastic banana pudding for the bananas lost in The Life of Pi, and she made the most incredible blood orange bars for all the blood in Django Unchained. So rad! Annie and Simon made some spicy brownies were bipolar brownies for Silverlinings Playbook. Hilarious! Deanna and Chad made a chocolate covered pretzel log cabin for Lincoln. And the roof was made from my personal favorite, white chocolate covered bacon. Amazing, right? Katie made Nutella croissants (need I say more?) for the french films nominated this year and we made pasta carbonara for dinner. Needless to say, we were all stuffed and happy watching the oscars this year! Brittany was so kind to let us have her amazing oscars nominee pins she made as a DIY on her blog (check them out, they are seriously amazing.) and for the food table decorations, I made a little red carpet covered with gold glittery confetti. Simple and to the point. We also filled out ballots with our guesses for who would win and I believe Aubry was the winner! Our oscars parties are always my favorite party of the year. We girls loved talking about the dresses and hairstyles and we all enjoyed the awards and the host's jokes and songs. The party also doubled as my birthday party which I think we might do every year since the awards are always around my birthday. I have the best friends. They brought me wonderful gifts and hugs. It made me feel pretty special. Thank you to all of our guests, you guys seriously made this party a success! 

P.S. The recipe for the pasta carbonara was not my own! Though I did tweak it a little. The recipe can be found here, for anyone who is interested!


The oscars are in just a few days, are you as excited as I am? I feel like I am more invested than ever in the nominees. I might cry is some of them win! We always host a small party for a few movie loving friends of ours. This year I am trying to keep things pretty simple. I designed the invitations to portray the simplicity of the feel of the party. We'll see if it was effective! Of course, I had to include some glittery confetti. Of course! We asked our guests to all bring a dessert that is related to one of the films up for best picture. I can't wait to see what they come up with! 


After I posted about Elliott's birthday party, one of you fine readers emailed asking how I made the confetti so perfect. So I thought I would respond with a little DIY! Really, the only trick to getting perfect tissue paper confetti is to use several sheets of tissue paper at a time. If you use only one sheet it will catch on the paper punch and ruin the tissue paper. It's awful! Just put a few sheets in the punch at a time and not only will the confetti turn out great, you will also get more confetti a lot faster! Hope that helps! Have fun!