Last weekend we went down to Granary Row to visit our friend Stacey and her awesome truck and we had a blast visiting all the other trucks, eating great food truck food (there is a difference) and listening to the band. While the band was setting up, they let Elliott go up and sing a few songs for the crowd. He loved it! And the crowd was too kind to clap and whoop even though he messed up the words at times. What a great crowd! We will definitely be back to visit to try out different food trucks and enjoy the other various activities they have. I mentioned that the only thing that could make it better was if they had a huge colorful slide for kids to play on while the parents relax and enjoy an iced hot chocolate. That would be the life.


We recently bought some all purpose shorts for Elliott - at least we think they are all purpose. They are his shorts for soccer, swimming, and general running around in. To me they are the perfect length, short - but not too short. He has a few pairs of swim shorts that we love, but they can ride up and look more like a speedo after a bit of running around. The best part? They are on sale! I mean, seriously on sale. So I thought I should mention it to you in case any of you are looking for some perfect shorts for your littles. They come in a couple of great colors. We just bought the gray ones with the sale, I can't wait to get them! Now, we're off to the pool with the shorts. We really do love them. 


My good friend Annie had her very first art show last week and we were all so excited to go and support her. Not to mention we adore her art. Annie has such a refreshing and different style that I am constantly envious of. I have wanted one of her comma paintings for a while and was so happy to be able to finally buy one at her show. Isn't it rad? You can't see it, but there is gold leafing along the edges. Perfection! It was hard not to buy some cropped paintings too. Don't these look like an exhibit you might see at the MOMA? Elliott even liked the paintings. Though, he thought that an art show was going to be like a dance recital and that we were going to be able to watch Annie paint something. Sorry little man. He was stoked to spend some time with his gal pal and eat as many cookies as he could carry. It was a great family outing. If you are interested in seeing more of Annie's work, you can head over here and check it out! Keep checking back too. You never know when she will be adding new pieces! 


Since it is officially summer for this week's "we love" we are sharing a delicious local gelato place!  Dolcetti is by far our favorite local place to get dessert. They have the absolute best flavors of gelato. My favorites are coconut sticky rice and rosemary + olive oil. I know I have mentioned this gelato before, but seriously, it's that good. Honestly, I don't know if I could choose just one if my life depended on it. They change their flavors every day, so you never know if they will have your favorite. Elliott is often disappointed to find they are out of strawberry, but then settles for mango or pomegranate or another fruity flavor pretty quickly. We especially love it because it is within walking distance so it makes for a nice family outing. If you're in the area you need to go. And you need to invite us. Pretty please? 


Have you heard of Mineral + Matter? It's run by a friend of mine, Stacey and it's awesome. A little while ago, Stacey let me come by and take a few pictures. I was in awe! It's a beautifully put together handmade mobile boutique. It's seriously hard for me not to buy everything! Stacey has things from dozens of different handmade shops and it all goes so well together. From beautiful glass decor to baby leggings and kids toys, they have it! And not only is the shop awesome on the inside, would you look at how rad the outside is? Amazing. If you're in the Salt Lake City area, look Mineral + Matter up on their various sites and social media outlets and check out where they will be. Be sure to check out Mineral + Matter on Instagram, Stacey does some pretty rad giveaways. At the moment, my cement jewelry is in the shop too! So double incentive, right? 


The good people of RedEnvelope offered us a gift for Preston for Father's day and I immediately chose the crosley record player. Our family loves music and a record player seemed like the perfect gift for him. I purchased a few records I knew he would love and hooked up the player in literally a minute. So simple! We absolutely love it. It is compact enough for our apartment, has great sound and the fact that we can transfer our records to digital files is a huge plus. I'm a very practical gal, and the thought of buying a record and not being able to hear it in the car etc. just wasn't happening. This is the perfect option for us. The warm sound with vinyl is just the same as ever. We even found a record single of our song at a thrift store. So romantic! If you are in the market for a record player this is a fantastic option. And of course, Elliott loves dancing around like a ballerina to the music.
And now, for a super short but fun video. In retrospect, I wish I hadn't taken it using vine. Ah well!

This post is sponsored by RedEnvelope. As always, thank you for supporting the companies that help make Ardor possible. All words and opinions are our own. We really do love it! 


Remember how I said I would share more about our trip to Denver? Here are a few pictures that kind of sum it up. We had a blast with Melanie and co. hanging out, eating seriously amazing food, going on an ice cream crawl (the winning flavor was salted oreo - life changing!) hitting up some parks and a lot more. We had never been to Denver and we were surprised by how much we loved it! The downtown area is full of fun things to do and sites to see. I am so glad we visited in the warmer months so we could actually enjoy walking around. We owe all of our fun to our hosts of course. Thank you, Blodgetts for an amazing time. Denver, we hope to see you again soon!
Is this kid not the cutest? He is so sweet and just down right lovable.


One of Elliott's absolute favorite activities to do at home is painting. Whether it be simple watercolors, acrylic works of art for loved ones, or helping me paint a dresser or two, he loves it! And to be honest, so do I. I have to admit, I am not as talented as I would like in the detailed painting department, but I love what a fresh coat of paint can do to a chair, a bird house or a canvas. 

I don't normally talk too much about our various house projects here, but Elliott's bed is in dire need of a paint job. It's just bare wood, so a primer and color in one would be ideal. The only trouble I am having is finding a color that would go with his room. I recently found out about Ace Hardware and their new line of paints. I love that they group them into color families that will go well together. Leaves all the guessing and worrying whether this color will go with that color up to the professionals. Here is a funny little video about Ace's new paint lines. Check it out for a good (informational) laugh. 

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We ordered this sidewalk chalk a little while ago and we are thrilled with it! I love the pretty patterns and the colors. Since the weather has been warm, Elliott has been outside nearly every day coloring with these. He mostly colors roller coasters that look like other things, but you know, they're still roller coasters. He loves the chalk so much, he insisted we get some for his "girlfriend" for her birthday, so of course we did just that. It's a tad bit more expensive than the chalk you can buy at the store for $1, but that chalk is so dull! And patternless! Now that our chalk has stripes and polka dots, I don't think we could ever go back.
As you can see, he loves it. After we finished dressing up the concrete wall we took a pass or two through the sprinklers. Always a good time.


We recently got this little moon night light for Elliott's room and we love it. When I ordered it I was a little skeptical. We have purchased moon items in the past and have been let down by the quality of the image of the moon. But this little night light is perfect! The one kind of negative thing is that it gives off a little too much light. Other than that it's fantastic. Elliott loves looking at it and making shadows on the walls with the light it gives off (again, maybe too much light?) They also have this earth night light and this galaxy one which both look pretty rad too. Maybe my favorite part of the purchase was the actual purchase. Six bucks? Done.