I write this post with a cry ball in my throat and a mist in my eyes. My baby is four! But enough of that. On to the party! Elliott requested an orange and yellow party. Color themed birthday parties are the absolute easiest to throw. If you can, try and get your kiddo on board with a color birthday party. We invited a few close friends and family and just had some good orange and yellow fun. We had all orange and yellow food and drinks like pineapple and cantaloupe skewers, orange soda ice cream floats and of course, orange and yellow cupcakes. We had everyone wear orange and yellow too. I think/hope everyone had as much fun as we did!
Happy birthday baby boy. We love you so.


This weekend was awesome. We had a grand time celebrating Elliott's birthday with family and friends. He loved everything about the day. Which of course, does a mama's heart good. Saturday night was very snowy and the roads were slick and I had no desire to leave the house. But Elliott was insisting that he wanted Cafe Rio for dinner (atta boy!) so out we went. Not one block from our house, we slipped on the ice and couldn't stop the car before we hit another car. I was a mess! Even though there was no damage to either car (miracle!) I was still taking deep breaths and shaking slightly 30 minutes later. Of course Preston was the calm and cool one, and Elliott was just worried he wasn't going to get his beloved quesadilla. Besides the little fender non-bender, we have been watching Peter Pan on repeat (a gift he received and loves!) and rocking out with his new not-so-electric guitar. It was a great few days. I'm going through all of the pictures from Elliott's party, so look for those soon! Happy Monday!


These little "cakes" are unbelievably easy to make and oh so delicious. And did I mention they're mini? They aren't terribly sweet. Kind of one of those "oh, that was just right" type of desserts. You know the kind. Here's how you can make your very own for your next get-together.  

2 Cups Heavy Whipping Cream
Sugar - to taste
Chocolate wafer Cookies
Vanilla - 1Tbs

Mix the whipping cream on high until it starts to thicken. Then add the vanilla and sugar and keep mixing till it's a little fluffy and plenty mixed.
 Use the wafer cookies like layers of cake. Make them as tall as you want!
 Then frost the outside. They don't have to be that pretty. They make up for it in taste.
I like to take a wafer and break it in have then rub the pieces together to create a cookie dust on top of each mini cake. It seems fancier for some reason. Now put them all into the fridge for a few hours. While they are in the fridge the frosting soaks into the cookies making them soft and more cake like. Amazing, right?
 Now serve them up and enjoy!
Aren't they pretty? I love the black and white stripes! 


I originally wanted to make these in time for the Oscars but the paint was on back order for three months. Insane! But I guess I have one less thing to do/make for the Oscars party next year, and in the mean time they are great for dinner parties! Especially ones where not everyone knows each other. You'll never hear "is this my drink?" at a get together again! You can see the whole tutorial here to make your own.