Hooray for the weekend + hooray for dads! I'm always more excited for holidays than Preston, but he always loves Father's day. Even if he says he could care less..he loves the thoughtful handmade gifts and meals prepared just for him. And I love doing it for him! This is the first year that Elliott knows that the things he has helped me make are for daddy's day and it's a secret. I do wish that we could be with my dad of course. All he wanted this year were frame-able pictures of the grand-kids (aww). Done and done! Do you do anything special on Father's day? I'd love to hear any traditions you might have. 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Here are my favorite links for the week. Enjoy!

The perfect summer party.

Absolutely doing this.

These look amazing.

Love this idea.

Simple and kinda perfect dad gift.

If I ever have a child with fine hair (yeah, right!) I am so getting this.

Cute + simple. How we like it around here.


We got Elliott his first pair of Keep shoes a few years ago and before we had them, I loved the way they looked and I especially loved the bright green soles. Once he started wearing them, we decided they were officially awesome. Comfortable, sturdy and of course, stylish. Last year, for Preston's birthday I decided that he needed a pair too. He wears them almost every day and still raves about how comfortable they are and how they keep (pun intended!) really well, he's pretty hard on shoes, but I'm not one to talk! I would love to have some of my own... this pair would do just fine.


I'm sure you've heard of mommy and me dates. Where the mom and child go on a special date together. Well, even though every day is kind of like a mommy and me date for us, Elliott and I decided to make a date around Hoboken.
We walked around for a while and saw a pretty cool fire station. But after a while of walking, Elliott expressed he was hungry. I had a Starbucks gift card so we went there for lunch. He got to pick whatever he wanted and I was pretty surprised by his choices. We split a bagel and OJ and he had an applesauce pouch. And I had some money left on the card so I bought the Hunger Games soundtrack. Yes I did.
Then we hit up some great sales. He literally walked out of the store with this on. I'm not quite sure how I missed it. Sneaky little guy.
That's right. A park on an island literally on the Hudson.
The really cool super big playground was overrun with tweens who were trampling the younger kids, so we played at the baby playground. He still loved it.
We walked all over Hoboken and loved it. Hoboken is only one square mile, but there is so much packed into it, it feels like we will never do it all! We had a great time and Elliott asked if we could "go a date" again tomorrow. Sure bud. I'd love to!


 I know it's out of focus, but I love it.
What a beautiful weekend! Friday and Saturday were spent with little friends celebrating with egg hunts and parties. It took Elliott all of 2 seconds to figure out the more eggs you find, the more sweets you get. And of course, Easter was fantastic. We had some friends over for dinner and some of the festivities, had some amazingly delicious food, and a lot of fun. The men hid the eggs for the egg hunt for Elliott (he was the only kiddo) and he did remarkably well with it! The guys hid some of the eggs out of reach and a few in some precarious places (men!) But he found them all! Every time he found one he would hold it out to us to show us and then shake it to make sure it had goodies inside. If nothing was shaking, he knew it was a real egg and quickly discarded it by throwing it on the ground. Smart Silly boy. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well! Happy Monday!


Elliott and I had a pretty relaxed weekend. Preston on the other hand has been crazy busy getting a presentation done for a film festival he's in next week (yay!) I had planned on an outing or two but it snowed. Not a lot, but enough that the stroller wouldn't function properly. So home we stayed! Some semi big news for Elliott, he used the toilet for the first time! We weren't planning on starting potty training until next month, but when they ask to use the toilet you say "OK!" and you read them good books to pass the time and give them horse stickers when they're done.

How was your weekend?