Aren't cozy movie night gatherings the best? Preston and I went and saw The Artist a few weeks ago and were thrilled that it won best picture and best actor among other things at the Oscars. Have you seen it? So beautifully done and romantic. And did you notice? They didn't even kiss once! Pretty much, I highly recommend it.


Elliott's horse party was finally this past weekend! It was kind of crazy, but a lot of fun. I wanted some of the colors (most of them were white and black) to be brighter than normal horse colors (brown? no thanks!) so of course I went with neon. Not a ton, but just enough for a pop of color. We had horse sandwiches, pin the neon tail on the horse, horse coloring, and of course cake and presents! Elliott and his friends had a really good time, again, it was crazy. Overall a birthday success!

p.s. Don't you love how kids crowd around when it's time to open presents? Hilarious!


Totally and completely inspired by these horses, I found a bunch of vintage/used toy horses to make some DIY chalkboard horses as the favors for Elliott's birthday party. They were really easy, pretty cheap, and turned out perfectly. First, I primed them and then added the chalkboard spray paint. Done and done! The kids seemed to like them so that's always a plus. I think it would be fun to have a whole stamped of chalkboard animals. The trick is to find ones that have smooth surfaces. We love them and Elliott thinks it's pretty awesome that he has a horse he's allowed to color on.


Happy Valentine's day! Last week my friend Halley and I threw a little Valentine's party for a bunch of toddler friends. It was about as fun as a toddler party can get. Cookie decorating, amazing food, a pinata, and a photo-booth. Awesome, right? The pinata I made was just like this one, but I reinforced the bottom with some heart shaped poster-board to make it strong enough to hold bouncy balls, candy, etc. and I added 10 strings so most of the kids had one to hold on to for the big moment. It was a huge hit, highly recommend!
I could not for the life of me get Elliott to look at the camera (my phone). Halley got some great shots though that are forthcoming. She used this great trick to get the kids to look into her lens. Whatever that kid loved (horses in Elliott's case) she would ask them if there was (a horse) in her camera lens. The kids looked every time. Genius!


As if it would be a shocker to tell you, Elliott wanted a "horsey" birthday this year. While today is his actual birthday, the party isn't until next week (my mom will be here!) So here are the invites! They bring together most of the elements of the party that you'll see soon. I wanted the invites to be simple and fun for the kids receiving them.
They're shadow puppets! I hope the kids love them as much as I do. I made the horse on my computer, printed them out on heavy card-stock, cut them out, and attached them to dowel rods that I had painted with little stripes of neon blue and yellow. Easy-peasy! Except the cutting out part. I seriously had a cramp in my hand for an hour after that.