A few things that would go perfectly with the warm weather that's coming. This is hands down the cutest sidewalk chalk ever. I ordered some and can't wait for it to arrive! The popsicle maker freezes the popsicles in just minutes. Definitely a must have this summer. Elliott is needing some shorts and t-shirts, these ones are perfect. How could I resist that bear! 


Our kitchen is seriously lacking. We literally don't have a single cutting board at the moment. We've been using plates which is at least better than our tiled counter top. And our fruit bowl situation is kinda out of control. This metal tiered basket would be perfect! I would also use it for my displays at handmade markets. So now I can buy it, right?


Even though we have been in our new place for a few months now, my desk and "office" area are a total disaster. I need some motivation to keep it tame and tidy and I think these things would be that motivation. The desk is a definite must have and the polar bear eraser...well, I just think it's funny. Happy Wednesday!


It's my birthday this week so I thought I would go ahead and make a wish listed post just for those products I desire so desperately. Now, I know what you are thinking. "Really Kersey, you want a printer for your birthday?" Yes. Yes I do. We don't currently have a printer and it drives me nuts having to go to a local print shop to print out something for a DIY or a w-9 or what have you. But the rest of the stuff is fun. The prints make me laugh and I haven't been able to get enough of The Lumineers lately. The laptop case is actually for my wacom tablet . It would work, right? Happy Wednesday!


In honor of the little man turning four on Saturday, this week's wish listed is for him. A few things he would love. Some of the items he is actually getting. The guitar is his "big" gift. I searched high and low for a "rock and roll" guitar that wouldn't annoy the living daylights out of me with it's endless buttons and batteries. This one looks like an electric guitar, but is actually acoustic! It just came in the mail yesterday and I think he will love it. Plus you can't beat that price. Seriously. 


In a couple weeks I will be attending Alt Summit. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's the most anticipated conference for bloggers of the year. I've never been before and I am beyond excited to meet blogging friends in person, learn a ton and have a blast. This week's wish listed items are a few things I want and need to take advantage of Alt. New glasses are a must. I haven't had my eyes checked in four years! A notebook and pen for rapid note taking. A pretty water bottle to stay hydrated and a new phone case just for fun. Am I missing anything?


We are in full swing getting settled and unpacked in our new place. We have a lot more space in this apartment, and I am very excited to start decorating! Elliott's room is first on my list. Here are my wish listed items for his new (huge) room. I am over the moon in love with the rug. I'm wondering if I could DIY it? The orange crate would be an addition to his current blue, red and yellow ones. They are perfect for storing all of his toys, books and even his clothes. His favorite color is orange (obviously) so I really want to incorporate some of that in his room. I can't wait to get started! I think he'll love it.