We have been a little swamped and a teensy bit overwhelmed with a few projects both work and non-work related, but regular posts will resume soon! Elliott picked this flower for me yesterday while we were outside working in the yard (which is coming together nicely!) and he was a bit heartbroken today to see that it was slumped over and starting to wilt. After a brief and simple explanation he thought about it and replied "next time, I'll give you the dirt too." Almost my dear, but not quite. I hope your week is going splendidly. Happy Wednesday!


We officially moved into our new apartment. All of our things have been here since last week, but we weren't sleeping here until this weekend. It feels great to have our own place again! Even though we both are feeling under the weather, we have been cleaning and unpacking to make this apartment our own as soon as possible. It's a very old house (built in 1885!) and I am in love with all of the character that comes with it. The floors are extra squeaky and the claw foot tub! That might be my favorite thing about the place. I'm excited to get it all in order and do a little photo tour! Don't hold your breath though, it could be a long time coming. I hope you had a great weekend and hope your week is off to a great start!


Sorry about the late post. But I have to excuse myself since we have been APARTMENT HUNTING. I think we have found the perfect apartment for us and I am over the moon excited about it. More to come on that section of our lives soon. In other news, we went rock hunting this weekend to make more of these. And we used a ding dong box to collect them. Hope your week is off to a great start!


Yep, Elliott has started preschool. Today was his first day and of course I took some "1st day" pictures.  He was beyond excited. As you can see. He really loved going to "his school". According to him they "saw boys, saw girls, colored an orange path, made triangles and sat on the rug." It's only two hours, two days per week, but I think it is going to be great for him. We can only hope anyway! I know I will enjoy having a few hours every week to work on things kiddo free, but I think Ruby (the pup) will enjoy some Elliott free time as well.
This was some kind of "first day of school" jig he kept doing. Pretty great.
Would you look at that cheesy face? 


With having a car again comes the needed and oh so fun car wash! It's such a great warm weather activity and Elliott absolutely loved helping. And of course, I'm game for any activity that involves my boy in his swim shorts :)

I hope you have a great weekend, friends. We have some plans I'm pretty excited about. Fun and relaxing. Doesn't get much better than that! Happy weekend! Here are my favorite links for the week, enjoy!

Grilled peaches just might go with everything.

Beautiful DIY shelving.

Drum box!


Pretty, pretty curtain rods.


Love these cubes.


What a great couple of days! We had fun hitting up the farmers market and some local shops, meeting up with good friends and of course, had a lot of play time. The dog pictured is my parent's dog, Ruby. Elliott's new best friend! He follows her everywhere. He plays with her, gives her hugs and bosses her around. Like a true friend. We're starting to get into a routine of sorts, which is nice. I am really loving being able to drive around again. So liberating! I'm excited for when we get settled into our new apartment which has yet to be rented or even discovered. But for now, we're enjoying life! I hope your week is off to a great start. Happy Monday!


Happy Monday! We have been having a great time here and Elliott could not be happier to be around my parents and his cousins again. My parents have the best yard for kids with a little pond and stream for them to play in and a swingset and slide. Elliott's in heaven! We had a great fourth of July too. Oh and we got a car! I can't tell you how much I have missed driving. We're still in "transit" so posts will continue to be spotty, but hopefully less so. I hope your week is off to a great start!


A packing party can be a great way to have a last hurrah with close friends and family and get the tedious job of packing done at the same time! Make invitations (something that looks like a box?), have some good food and a whole lot of boxes and bubble wrap. You could have games to see who can blow through their "to do" lists the fastest or have a dance competition to see who has the best moves while still packing. Fun, right?

Moving Tip: To help when moving in to the new place, use color coded tapes to let you know what room or even what might be in the box. It ends up going a lot faster than writing it down and having to read it later. (Thanks, Mom!)


Yep, we finally did it! I read the book and went to work. It was actually kind of fun! Extremely frustrating at times, but less than a week and more than a few accidents later, he's waking up dry and doing almost everything on his own. I know what you're thinking. "Kersey, why on earth would you potty train your child right before moving across the country?" To that I say, it just had to be done. He asked for his diapers for the first few days, but now he loves his big boy underwear.

If you are needing to potty train soon, I highly recommend two things. One, this book. Once I read the first part of it, I was good to go. The book suggests you to use a wetting doll to show your child and have them teach the doll how to use the toilet. We didn't want to buy a $60 doll for a boy for potty training, so we used Panda and added a pair of underwear. It was perfect!  The second thing we recommend is this seat. We only have one bathroom, and it's very small so a separate potty for him was out of the question. He knows how to put the seat on himself, and takes it off after he's finished using the toilet. It's the perfect solution! I also think it will make the transition from his training seat to a regular toilet seat easier down the road. We really do love potty training. Well, we love being potty trained. The diaper bag is lighter, the boy is happier and mama has more time in her day! It's a beautiful thing.